The Dove starter kit$3

The Dove starter kit$3

  • Superior blue rubber grip for satisfied brushing
  • Ergonomic handle feel for comfort
  • Blue tongue scraper behind the brush head
  • Tooth-massaging rubber inside brush head
  • Easy to attach/detach head from handle
  • Leaves a lasting impressions
  • 1 brush head each month

Free Shipping Always. Hidden Fees Never.

Ships Today

  • 1 × The Dove handle
  • 3 × The Dove replaceable head

Replacement heads $3/month

Every 3 months you’ll be restocked with a 3 month supply of fresh new toothbrush heads.

Ships in 3 month

  • 3 × The Dove replaceable head

How It Works

Happy Teeth, Happy Wallet

At only $3 and free shipping, this is the most affordable toothbrush money can buy.

A brighter smile, delivered

For only $3/month, replaceable heads arrive at your doorstep, reminding you to switch out your brush head and maintain healthy teeth.

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